�The Secret In-Between�

For me, art is a sort of alchemical process where I turn personal symbols into a single page narrative. The characters and figures I create evolve on my page or canvas and develop personalities and mythology as I work on them. I often feel like my head is full of stories; when I create art it�s like creating a window for these creatures in my head to peer out at the viewer. With an endless affection for fables and fairy tales, I love to re-imagine the characters and stories that are familiar to us from childhood. In mythology and folklore, symbols and sympathetic magic are everywhere, the mundane can be magical, and magic can be commonplace. I try to bring that feeling into my paintings, where a chipped teacup can stand in for a person long absent, and a fox may be the familiar of a goddess. In a way I am trying to re-introduce magic into the world, to lend my imagination to the eerie feeling of being watched in the woods when you are all alone. In another way I am offering a reminder- that magic is all around us, in the secret spaces in-between the little things we value and the people that we love.

Felix Eddy